R & D

Research & Development Center

As a result of application made for the establishment of R & D Center by Transformatör Elektromekanik, which produces BETA and MFC oil-dry transformer, employing 248 employees in two separate facilities located in Adana Hacı Sabancı Organized Industrial Zone, 20.000 m2 closed and 63.000 m2 in area, The Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology is entitled to receive the R & D center certificate as a result of the audit and evaluation.

Our R & D center has twenty-two personnel with different disciplines such as; electrical-electronic engineer, mechanical engineer, industrial engineer, energy systems engineer.

Our R & D center continues to work on a 335 m2 area with twenty researchers and two support staff in five different departments including Electrical-Mechanical Design, Product Development, Intellectual Property Rights Development, Test Analysis and Project Development.

In our R & D center, there are three projects approved by TÜBİTAK so far. Two of them have been completed, and one is continuing.

The transformer electromechanical R & D center offers a wide range of possibilities and opportunities for the personal development of employees. In order to increase the accumulation of knowledge of our personnel, care is given to their training and a variety of opportunities are offered for graduate students to graduate and doctorate. Currently we have one doctorate student and three graduate students.

Transformer Electromechanical R & D center aims to sign many national and international projects to develop innovative products and processes.